State College Friends believe that all members minister to one another. Without a minister, members perform the vital work of the meeting in committees. Members come to know each other as they collectively apply the Quaker principles of Simplicity, Integrity, Peace, Community, Equality and Stewardship in our community life.



Outreach and Social Action

The committee seeks to nurture inquirers and attenders within the meeting community and to inform those in the larger State College community and even beyond about our meeting and its activities. To reach out and develop the spirit of the meeting and to translate the principles of Quakerism into action, the committee coordinates initiatives arising from individuals and from the meeting as a whole that reflect Quaker beliefs in simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship (SPICES). In particular, we connect with larger Quaker organizations such as the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), and Baltimore and Philadelphia Yearly Meetings, as well as other groups with similar goals, such as Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), Right Sharing of Natural Resources, and other peace churches. Committee members take responsibility for greeting visitors prior to meeting for worship and afterwards. It also monitors the website and organizes the photo board. Meets as needed.

Building and Grounds:
Bernie Hoffnar, Clerk
Responsibilities include: 1. General maintenance and repairs of the building, sometimes on an emergency basis. 2. Maintenance of lawn mowing and snow removal equipment. 3. Maintenance of the grounds, including mowing the grass, removing snow and ice in the winter, weeding in the spring and summer, trimming bushes, ground cover and trees. 4. Participate in special work parties as scheduled. 5. Hand out and collect keys for building use. 6. Maintain Meeting apartment and monitor its use. 7. Long range planning relative to facilities. Meets once a month and as needed. 8. Committee attempts to identify ways in which the Meeting cn be environmentally conscious in its stewardship of our building and grounds.

Kerry Wiessmann and Yuri Plowden, Clerks
Following the traditional custom of the Religious Society of Friends, the State College Meeting looks to a small appointed committee to assess and report to Monthly Meeting all matters pertaining to financial needs, including the annual budget, proposals, requests and expenditures. The committee has responsibility for overseeing financial obligations, banking, annual audits, monthly and annual financial statements, investments, insurance, obligations to other Quaker organizations and solicitation of funds.

Friends School Board (must be a member):
The Board defines the mission of the school and creates a vision for its future. It establishes policies and provides financial oversight to ensure that the school operates in accord with Friends’ principles and spiritual values. A majority of members are appointed by the Meeting for three year terms. Trustees meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Most members serve on at least one subcommittee. The Board seeks members with a commitment to Friends’ education, an ability to work cooperatively with others, and a willingness to learn about the management of a growing nonprofit institution. It would be especially helpful to include trustees from the Meeting with skills or experience in the following areas: elementary education, financial management, strategic planning, admissions recruitment, fundraising, personnel management, and marketing and property management. (The Nominating Committee works with theFriends School Committee on Trustees to appoint members to the Board.)

Committee responsibilities are: 1. Selecting, ordering, processing and shelving books for the Meeting library. 2. Selecting, ordering, processing and shelving Pendle Hill pamphlets for the library and for sale. 3. Reviewing books and periodicals for the newsletter. 4. Posting and making up overdue book lists. 5. Creating book displays.6. Maintaining orderly shelves and records.

Laurie Jeffreys, Clerk
Members are responsible for coordinating memorial or funeral services for members and attenders and for arranging for the completion of memorial minutes.. (Forms providing guidelines can be completed by persons interested in recording their wishes and the committee maintains a file of these forms at the Meeting House.) Persons interested in serving this committee need to be comfortable helping people under emotional and sensitive circumstances.

This committee arranges for music in the spirit of Friends at the rise of Meeting. The committee encourages Young Friends with musical talents to participate in special musical activities throughout the year. The committee maintains the music books, distributes them within the Meeting room and investigates new sources of music. The piano should be watered and tuned when needed.

Newsletter and Bulletin:
This committee gathers news, edits and types it to produce a monthly publication that includes the official minutes of Monthly Meeting for Worship for Business and a monthly calendar. Newsletters are distributed by email, regular mail, or to individuals living at Foxdale Village. Weekly bulletins are prepared by the Meeting secretary and distributed by email and at the meeting house.

Nominating (must be a member):
This group seeks to fill positions on other Meeting committees through a spiritually based process of careful discernment. Its goal is to match willing representatives to the tasks and duties of our religious community, while bearing in mind the good of the Meeting, the committees, and the individual.  (The Worship and Ministry Committee appoints two members each year.)

Worship and Ministry committee, Nominating committee, Friends School Board and Foxdale Board, and all clerks of the meeting are either meeting members or “Regular long-term attenders” (defined below).

Nominating committee meets as needed. Members serve three years. (The worship and Ministry Committee appoints two members each year.)

 “Regular long-term attender” is defined as:

Regular attendance at Quaker meeting for worship over an extended period of time (at least five years) and at least one of the following:

  • Prior participation on a committee of a Quaker meeting or organization where decisions are made by Quaker practice.
  • Specialized training in Quaker business practice or decision making process.
  • Attendance at a Quaker school or college which included education in Quakerism or Quaker faith and practice.

Personnel Committee:
Darlene Clark, supervisor
The personnel committee shall be appointed by the Nominating Committee and shall consist of the following members of committees, in consultation with committee clerks:

  • Member of Religious Education
  • Member of Finance
  • Member of Buildings and Grounds
  • Member of either Advancement and Outreach, or of Care and Concern
  • Supervisor

The supervisor must have previous supervisory experience, be a problem-solver and good listener. All tasks not listed on the previous page to be assigned to the secretary must be discussed with the supervisor, who will assign them as appropriate to the secretary.
The personnel committee shall interview and hire, and assist the supervisor (not the employees.) The supervisor shall delegate, supervise work performed, and provide feedback to the employees. The paid part-time positions of the Meeting include the secretary, Religious Education coordinator, child care provider(s), and janitor.


This committee plans the First Day morning discussions. Members brainstorm new ideas for topics, contact speakers, send the schedule to the newsletter, and try to attend adult discussion regularly. We ask Meeting members and committees to suggest topics, as the Meeting community has been an important source of ideas and support for the committee.

Refreshments and Potluck:
This committee is responsible for both potluck and refreshments. The majority of committee work is conducted by phone. We order supplies and coordinate refreshments with Religious Education for First Day School, and refreshments/potlucks following Meeting for Worship for Business. The committee is responsible for cleaning cupboards, stoves, and refrigerators. This is an excellent committee for those who prefer minimal meeting, but members must do their share because the committee’s work is highly visible.

Religious Education:
Becky Misangyi, RE coordinator
This committee is an energetic group of people actively involved in the First Day School program. The majority of committee members teach or assist in classes for various time commitments throughout the school year. Others support special activities such as the Christmas program, Secret Friends or the Intergenerational Breakfast. There is always a need for more people interested in working with the Meeting’s children. No experience is required, just lots of enthusiasm and a good sense of humor.

Worship and Ministry (must be a member):
Martin Melville, Clerk
Pastoral care, counseling, and the spiritual life of the Meeting are the responsibilities of this committee. Members take a personal interest in the spiritual and physical welfare of each member of the Meeting.

The Committee is open to participation of members of all ages. It should include Friends in close fellowship with other members of the Meeting and with those who are frequent speakers in Meeting. They need to help with pastoral care and be ready, when necessary, to help those who speak stay sensitive to divine promptings. The vocations of ministry and of counseling are interwoven, and Meetings should encourage Friends to respond to a call to either service.

The Committee meets monthly and members are appointed for 3 years and may be reappointed for an additional 3-year term.

Duties of Worship and Ministry Committee:
1. Monitor the spiritual state of the Meeting on an ongoing basis. Provide an annual written report to BYM on The Spiritual State of the Meeting.
2. Arrange for clearness committees for membership, marriage, and discernment.
3. Provide oversight for Business Meeting for Worship.
4. Report on Committee activities and concerns to BMFW.
5. Follow up on any items sent to the Committee from Business Meeting.
6. Provide oversight for the Religious Education Committee.
7. Make the decision as a committee to speak for the Meeting with a person whose vocal ministry is not acceptable.
8. Assist the Memorial Committee in arranging memorial meetings.
9. Seek to provide conflict resolution to reconcile differences that may arise between/among members of the monthly Meeting.
10. Organize and implement workshops on spiritual and pastoral care topics for the Meeting.
11. Organize any necessary instances of MFW off-site.
12. Appoint people to Nominating Committee.

SELECTED OTHER APPOINTMENTS by Friends Meeting Nominating Committee:

  • Interfaith and Community Coalition Against Prejudice and Violence: A liaison is needed to keep Friends Meeting members and attenders informed about the activities of this group.
  • Interfaith Human Services (must be a member): The group is dedicated to aiding volunteer organizations in this area financially and actively, e.g., Food Bank, Head Start, Habitat for Humanity, County Prison Volunteers. The representative is expected to attend a monthly Board meeting and report to Monthly Meeting.