Resources on White Privilege, Race, Hidden Bias


As we work on our connections to race, privilege, and oppression, we may be in different places on the journey. As Quakers, we honor journeyers and all who seek. Here are resources that Friends have found helpful. To recommend submissions, contact Johanna at

Resources on White Privilege and White Supremacy

America Must Have A Moral Revival
By Rev. Dr. Barber, is an American Protestant minister and powerful speaker. He offered this keynote address at Friends General Conference in 2018 in Toledo, Ohio. In this speech, Rev. Dr. Barber 
offers energizing call to action and asks for solidarity with the Poor People’s campaign. His work has enlivened Friends across the nation and is highly recommended.

An Invitation to Challenge White Supremacy
Recommended by New England Yearly Meeting, this collection of essays is thought-provoking and important to share.

Between the World and Me
This is a book by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Coates is the recipient of a “Genius Grant” from the MacArthur Foundation and an antiracist author. His rich memoir and descriptive prose are available at Schlow Library in State College.


Central PA Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
The local SURJ chapter meets twice a month to tackle white supremacy in Centre County. Three of our Members and Attenders have connected. Visit the facebook page for more info.

Converting Hidden Spiritual Racism Into Sacred Activism
By Virginia Rosenberg.Rosenberg offers starting points for people see when to speak up, when to honor anger or sadness, and how to begin the process of healing.


Cracking the Codes: Joy DeGruy, “A Trip to the Grocery Store”
This powerful story from Joy DeGruy illustrates white privilege at work, and reflects on how privilege can be used in positive ways.


Features from Friends Journal (Oct 2014)
Witness to Quaker Racism
There Is Hope
The Social Justice Testimony
My Experience as an African American Quaker

These brave and insightful essays share personal accounts of race and racism inside Quaker circles. They include queries for us as Friends. Available online at the Friends Journal.

Learning Long Division and White Supremacy from My “Sweet” Third Grade Teacher
La’Ron Williams is a storyteller and antiracism speaker out of southeast Michigan. He was a keynote speaker at Friends General Conference (FGC) in 2018. This playful, honest, and soulful story is available on youtube.

Polite White Supremacy
A superb article describing how language keeps white people in power, espeically language we use today. How do news reports erase white violence? And how do our own words replicate this?

Unpaking the Invisible Knapsack
By Dr. Peggy MacIntosh. This is an exploration of white privilege and a list of examples that many have found useful over time.




White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son
By Tim Wise, antiracist essayist. Wise is a public speaker on white privilege and white identity. His book shares a personal account of race, privilege, and how he was deeply impacted by both. Available at Schlow Library.



Note: For 2018-2019, we also have a working White Privilege Book Group. Please contact Katy Lumley-Sapanski for more information.