Children’s Programs

 Children’s Programs

Children are an integral part of the life and health of the Meeting! We welcome the sounds and vocal ministry of our youngest Attenders. In the past few years, we have watched our number of young families grow. Please feel welcome to bring your children to Meeting, and know that we welcome wiggles and whispers.

Religious Ed
Each week we provide a “First Day School” Program, which is our term for Religious Ed or Sunday School. This is powered by a dedicated team of teachers who bring passion and energy. First Day School includes activities such as gardening, baking, and storytelling. Quakers have a special version of teaching through story called Godly Play. We value service. Youth meet each year to tend our pollinator gardens, and take visits each month to work with the seniors at Foxdale Village.

We teach Quaker values with the acronym SPICES:



These, along with the core of our Judeo-Christian origin, are the basis for our Religious Education.


 Babies and toddlers

Babies and toddlers receive childcare in the Education Wing. Walk outside the building, under a small roof, and you will see or hear us. On your first trip, please introduce your family to the childcare staff. We’d like to get to know you! You are welcome to stay in the nursery if you’d like.

Our childcare providers have cleared all Pennsylvania clearances, and are young people who work closely with the Director of Religious Ed.

Grades K-4 are led by Teachers Amy Pritchett and Karen Anderson.

Grades 5-8 teachers are: Kerry Wiessmann, Selden Smith, and Darlene Clark.

Middle school (Middlings) Teachers are: Kerry Wiessmann, Selden Smith, Jason Acimovic and Darlene Clark.  Middlings focus on activity, movement, and discussion.

High school teachers are: Vilmos Misangyi, Margy Frysinger and Jason Acimovic. High school includes studies of other faiths, as well as deep discussion. Past topics include hate crimes, “can you run from the police?” and the testimony of equality.


When You Arrive

All families begin in the Meetinghouse for the first fifteen minutes of Worship. We’ve found that this gives children time to practice settling in to silence. Then, children and teachers leave the Meetingroom, moving to “First Day School” or children’s programs. These activities continue until 12:00.

First Day School run from September through May. We take trips in the September to Camp Crystal Lake, and gather for hiking and baking each year for the Winter Family Gathering at nearby cabins. In the summer, we do not hold First Day School, but we provide childcare each week.

For more information, contact Becky Misangyi: