Childrens’ Program – FDS


We hold a program for children K through 12th grade most Sundays, 10:45am to 12pm during the school year called First Day School (FDS). We also provide year round childcare every Sunday (unless specifically noted otherwise) for younger children during Meeting for Worship, and for all children in the summer months. For more information, contact Becky Misangyi:

We hold classes for:

K-4th grade:  Teachers are Denise DeGeorge and Karen Anderson

5th -8th: Teachers are Kerry Wiessmann, Seldon Smith, Darlene Clark, and Martin Melville

9th – 12th: Vilmos Misangyi

First Day School starts September 9th, 2018

Schedule for the fall to be announced – FDS will be held every  Sunday except for those marked “NO FDS”