First Day School Elementary K-4 Class


This year, the K-4 class teachers are Amy Pritchett and Karen Anderson.  Most of the classes will be led by Amy, who is a trained story teller. During FDS class time, Amy shares stories of Quakers, Quakerism and the Bible through the Montessori based story telling methods called Friendly Play and Godly Play.  Simple handmade materials are used to tell a story and then afterwards the children respond to the story through conversation and wondering questions, drawing or retelling the story using the materials.  Some of the stories told this year have been “Let Your Life Speak”, “The George Fox Story” and “The Parable of the Good Samaritan”.

One Sunday a month, we meet at Foxdale Village, the local Quaker retirement community, and spend time with the friends we are getting to know there.  During our visit there, we play games with the residents and read with them, as well as enjoy snack!

Our teachers are always evolving and trying new things to share with the children, with the most important component being to have fun and enjoy the time together each week.