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Below are thoughts and reflections by members of the Meeting, as well as Quakers we know abroad.

Theology of a Quaker Logger – blog post by Martin Melville, member of SCFM


Winter Family Camping Epistle 2018 – by Johanna Jackson, SCFM





Of Milk Bottles and Men – by Joseph Olejak, Old Chatham Monthly Mtg, Chatham, NY





“That God is present within us as the source of the unity of all life is an intuition so fundamental that it appears, even in similar ways, in many religious traditions. We have occasional intuitions of this unifying presence: times when we seem to have an awareness that is not so much of God as of Life, experienced with a kind of sufficiency and coherence.” Elaine Prevallet, Interconnections, Pendle Hill Pamphlet #261, 1985.