We Welcome You!



We Welcome LGBT Friends and Visitors!
We have been an affirming space since 1993. We affirm the worthiness of love and work to actively support LGBTQA events in the community.

For many years, the Meetinghouse has been the site for Centre LGBT Support Network’s Thanksgiving Dinner. Community members and students gather for a raucous and joyful feast, coordinated by CLSN. In recent years, the Thanksgiving Dinner has grown so large that the group may move to rent in a new space. “But,” one member said, “part of what makes the dinner so special is the love I can feel in these walls!”

We welcome children and families!
Families join us for the first 15 minutes of Worship, and then move to children’s programs during the service. More information on these programs is below. You’re welcome to join your child in the Children’s Programs at any time. For more information on options for children, click on Children’s Activities.



Young Adult Friends
We have an active group of Young Adult Friends (ages 18-35 ish) who are a vibrant part of the Meeting.

You might see Young Adult Friends, or YAFs, wrestling with kids, leading a hike, climbing trees, or clicking away with a set of knitting needles at Worship. We’d love to meet you!



When You Arrive
Meeting for Worship starts at 11:00 am. You are welcome to arrive 10-15 minutes early. It is a practice among some Quaker Meetings to “center” the Meeting through prayer and reflection before the official start time. Our greeters are usually at the door by 10:45, ready to welcome you in. We may ask you if you want to make a name tag. We have single-use nametags for guests, as well as more permanent tags for returning visitors.


What You Might Expect
We will meet for about an hour of quiet worship. During this time you can pray, imagine, sit quietly, follow your breath, or knit. Friends have many ways of centering.

At the end of the 11:00 worship, we will sing a few songs. Then we’ll invite newcomers to introduce themselves. If you are comfortable, you can stand and share your name. If it’s your first time at a Quaker Meeting, we will know to give you a special welcome. After that we have announcements and then we eat!


Social hour   12:15
Snacks, juice, coffee and tea are available for everyone in the social room after singing and announcements. We hope your family will stay and introduce yourselves to us. Once a month, usually on the 2nd Sunday of the month, we have a potluck together with a big feast.

We know that food brings us together. Many Members of the Meeting have large gardens, and it is common to find lots of vegetarian dishes when you join us for a meal.



Meeting for Worship for Business
Once a month, we hold Meeting for Worship for Business from 9:00 to 10:45. New attenders are welcome at Business Meeting! We would love to see your face and hear your voice on some of the decisions we make each month.  For dates for the next month’s business meeting, see a copy of the bulletin.

How To Dress

We are not picky. On a typical Sunday, people will be dressed in everything from jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt to suits or skirts. Most people will be in the more casual half of this spectrum. Children should come in clothes that work well for climbing trees, sledding, or sitting on the floor for First Day School.

We are part of the 100%!

We stand with many State College businesses and houses of worship as part of The 100%.