We Welcome You


We welcome visitors for worship, adult discussion and other activities. At the end of the 11:00 worship, we have singing, introductions, and announcements. Following this, a snack or a potluck lunch is available in the social room; this is a good way to get to know us or to ask questions.

We welcome children and families
The State College Friends Meeting welcomes visitors and newcomers, and families of all sorts. The most common options for children are below, but children are always welcome with their parents in meeting for worship.

Babies and toddlers

Child care for babies and children up to three years old is available in the nursery, located at the end of the hall of the education wing of the meetinghouse. We ask parents to introduce themselves and their children to the care giver. Parents are welcome to stay in the nursery if their children would like them there.

Sunday morning programs for children    11:00 – 12:00

Children are an integral part of the life and health of a Quaker meeting. State College Friends Meeting provides a Sunday (First Day) School Program during meeting for worship for children and teens ages 3-18. To give us time for our religious education program and allow us to introduce the children to Quaker worship, we begin our First-Day school at 11:00 by joining the full meeting for worship with the adults for the first 15 minutes of meeting. We then exit the meeting and collect in class room activities until 12:00. The program, which runs from September through May, is divided into three general units: Quakerism, Bible study, and God in the World Around Us. The teachers are meeting participants who feel called to help guide young people with their spiritual education. First-Day school activities also include intergenerational events that promote community and sharing among all ages.

Adult discussion (Friendly Forum)   9:45 – 10:30

Occasionally, an adult discussion or program is held on Sunday.

Social hour   12:15

Snacks, juice, coffee and tea are available for everyone in the social room after singing and announcements. We hope your family will stay and introduce yourselves to us.On business meeting Sundays, a potluck lunch replaces the social hour.

Business meeting

Once a month we hold meeting for worship for business in the morning from 9:00 to 10:45.Meeting for worship for business is usually the first Sunday of the month. However, it is sometimes moved to avoid holiday weekends. Changes are printed in the weekly bulletin.

How we dress for meeting for worship

On a typical Sunday, people will be dressed in everything from jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt to suits or skirts. The majority will be in the more casual half of this spectrum.
Children should come in clothes that are suitable for playing in the park, picking up litter, visiting the sheep barns, or sitting on the floor for First Day School.

In the summer

During the summer, there is no adult discussion or children’s First Day School.

We welcome lesbians, gay men, and non-traditional families

Our meeting welcomes lesbians and gay men. Our discussions on same-gender marriage began in 1987. We did not reach unity on this issue at that time, but had important discussions about this issue. In 1993, we minuted a resolution affirming our support for the rights of people regardless of sexual orientation. In 1995, we minuted a resolution stating that same gender couples would be married under the care of the meeting on the same basis as any other couple.We have an informal local chapter of FLGC (Friends for Lesbian and Gay Concerns), which has been helpful in promoting the discussions that led to the minutes mentioned above. Our local chapter has both straight and gay members. The primary activity is meeting once a month, usually for a potluck and worship sharing or a program. All interested people are welcome to attend.

We are part of the 100%!

See if you can find this logo at the Meeting, or at shops and businesses downtown.
The 100% sign was designed by a local artist in 2017.